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Tulip Infinity Mall 

Coming Soon to Moshi.

Tulip Infinity Mall is a luxurious commercial hub located in the bustling area of Moshi in Pune. Boasting a blend of upscale shops and modern office spaces, this mall caters to those seeking high-end shopping and business opportunities. 

The architecture of the mall is chic and contemporary, showcasing sleek design elements and state-of-the-art facilities. The shops at Tulip Infinity Mall offer a diverse range of premium brands, making it a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts.

In addition to shopping, the mall also features refined dining options and entertainment facilities to enhance the overall visitor experience. The offices within the mall provide professionals with a sophisticated work environment equipped with modern amenities.

Tulip Infinity Mall's strategic location in Moshi makes it easily accessible to both residents and visitors, further adding to its allure as a premier destination for leisure and business activities. With its upscale ambiance and exclusive offerings, the mall sets itself apart as a prominent landmark in Pune's commercial landscape.

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