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The Team

A varied and multifaceted team comprising engineers, architects, and professionals from a spectrum of other disciplines.

Mr. Sanjay Varma

Founder & Managing Director,

Tulip Group of Companies 

With a wealth of over 25 years of expertise in the Real Estate industry, Mr. Sanjay Varma embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a real estate contracting enterprise in 2002, subsequently transitioning to real estate development. Throughout his extensive career, he has collaborated with numerous developers and successfully completed multiple projects, showcasing his exceptional skill and knowledge in the field.

In 2012, he embarked on a collaborative venture with partners in the Tulip Group, delving into the dynamic world of development and construction. Together, they focused their efforts on crafting vibrant residential and commercial apartments that would leave a lasting imprint on the urban landscape.

Management Team

CA Mukesh Varma

Consulting Partner to Tulip Group of companies. A chartered accountant by profession and in full time practice, Mukesh helps in financial planning, strategising cashflows and all compliances of the company. 

 Raj Varma

The young scion of Tulip Group, Raj specialises in supply chain management and sourcing. He connects with suppliers across the globe to ensure a premium product reaches at all our sites on time. His interest also lies in consumer behaviour and research. 

 Ar. Ravi Varma

An architect from PVPCOA Pune, Ravi is an in-house architect of the Tulip Group that makes our execution swift. His keen interest in design architecture helps Tulip Group comes up with amazing plans and elevation.

Leadership Team

Santosh Nemane

VP | Finance & Compliance 

Yogita Nerekar

VP | Sales & CRM

Sanjay Rajput

Sr. VP | Engineering & Construction

Pallavi Pujari

VP | Operations & Project Management

Anil Kute

VP | Engineeting & Construction

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